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What is Fincapital Partners?

Fincapital Partners is a private investment club. The aim of the club is to provide high-end private banking services to its members. Investment and diversification opportunities will be available to club members.

Is Fincapital a Bank ?

No, Fincapital Partners is not a bank but a Fintech that provides financial services. Users can easily top up their IBAN and debit card and use Fincapital Partners as an alternative "banking" platform.

What are Fincapital Partner's objectives ?

The aim of Fincapital Partners in its final version is to offer investors a complete financial ecosystem to enable them to grow and diversify their wealth.

Fincapital Partners aims to cover all the needs that investors may have in terms of financial and tax management of their assets.

How long has Fincapital Partner been in existence ?

Fincapital Partner was founded in February 2022.

Who are the people behind Fincapital Partner ?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) : Adrien Brousse.

Technical manager: Vincent Vanhassel.

Regulatory relations manager: Alexandre Rouillon.

Who is Fincapital Partners aimed at ?

Fincapital is for anyone who wants to grow their capital. You must be able to actively invest with Fincapital in order to register. If your finances are too weak, we don't recommend you subscribe to Fincapital, as you won't make any profit.

Fincapital Partners is open to individuals only.

Corporate account will be able to be open in 2024.

Who can use Fincapital Partners ?

Fincapital is an investment club. Anyone who has paid their annual membership fee can use Fincapital. We recommend that you are in a position to invest actively with Fincapital. If your finances are too weak, you should not join Fincapital.

Is Fincapital Partners regulated ?

Fincapital Scandinavia KB is licensed as a trust management company in Sweden (969798-6637).

Fincapital Partner AG, Baarerstrasse 79, 6300 Zug, Switzerland - Financial intermediary license. (CH-

Several partnerships have been established with financial institutions to offer our services.

Do I need to pass a KYC test to access the Fincapital Partners service ?

A KYC (Know Your Customer) is mandatory to access the Fincapital Partners service.

Do I have to justify to Fincapital Partners the origin of the funds transferred ?

This depends on your personal situation and the amounts to be transferred.

How do I declare my Fincapital Partners account ?

A tool will be set up on the platform or a partnership with a company.

How much does Fincapital Partners cost ?

Fincapital costs 1200 euros.

The products offered by Fincapital generate evolving fees which will be communicated to you before each use.

Is membership of the Fincapital Partners club open to all ?

Yes, subscriptions are open to everyone.Anyone can join Fincapital Partners.

However, we recommend that you are able to invest at least 5,000 euros a year. This is because Fincapital is an investment club. If you are not in a position to invest, there is no point in subscribing to the private club.

How can I take out a subscription ?

Subscriptions are payable in euros.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time ?

Subscriptions are non-binding. It can be cancelled at any time.

Once cancelled, the services offered as part of your subscription will cease. All cancellations are considered final. However, if you wish to benefit from Fincapital Partners services again, you can always subscribe to another offer (e.g. the elite club).

Are "Private Club" and "Club Elite" combined under the name "Private Club Fincapital" ?

No, Private Club includes basic services available at 9.90 euro/month.

Club Elite will provide advanced services for professional investors.

Does the Elite membership also include the benefits of the €10 membership ?

Yes, the elite membership gives you all the benefits of the elite membership + the benefits of the private club in its €10 version.

Where will investment opportunities (such as startups, bonds, etc..) be published ? On the private club discord ?

Yes, the private club discord will be where investment opportunities will be presented.

They will also be accessible via a marketplace.

The marketplace offers will only be visible to club members.

Does Fincapital Partners have an affiliation system ?

Fincapital Partners has an affiliate system with 25% commission.

Commissions are deducted from transaction fees:

You receive 25% of the amount deducted by Fincapital Partners from each transaction made by your referrals.

You receive affiliate income for life, with no limit on the amount.

What's the status of the FinCart payment processor project ?

This was an idea proposed by a member of the team, as it had been suggested by potential investors in Dubai. Obviously it was a bad idea, as it has nothing to do with wealth management and investment. E-commerce has nothing to do with what we're developing.

Can I receive my card ? If so, is it a physical card to be delivered to your home ? Or just a virtual card ?

We need to obtain our segregated account to launch the card. This is the last step before launching the card. The card will be both physical and virtual. You'll receive it at the address you've indicated on your kyc.

What's the status of the tokenized real estate project ?

It is not possible to directly tokenize real estate in Europe. You have to tokenize either a debt security or an equity security, which can be backed by real estate either contractually or for accounting purposes. This is what Fincapital Partners does with the 2 versions of the tokenized bond. You receive interest income from real estate. When subscription volumes are sufficient, Fincapital Partners will create a page listing major real estate acquisitions.

Tokenized bonds ? According to Fincapital Partners, this is a return system based on real estate assets : Can we have Details ? Excatly what assets are involved ? Where are they located ? In wich jurisdiction ?

The bond works in a similar way to an investment fund. When you buy the bond, you're not buying a particular property, but a fraction of the underlying global portfolio.

This configuration provides excellent diversification, as the investment is not dependent on the success of a particular property.

Fincapital Partners makes 2 types of investment: direct real estate investments and indirect investments.

Direct investments involve the purchase and operation of real estate assets of all kinds (buildings, warehouses, etc.). These investments will be listed on a specific page of the Fincapital Partners website.

In contrast, indirect investments can be made in other real estate funds or other financial instruments.

Indirect investment offers two advantages:

- On the one hand, it creates a liquidity buffer to repay investors, as the exit procedures for a direct investment are cumbersome. Indirect investment provides alternative liquidation options, allowing you to choose the most advantageous one at any given time.

- On the other hand, indirect investment makes it possible to invest smaller sums than would have been necessary to purchase a property in its entirety.

The aim is to achieve a portfolio composed of 70% direct investments and 30% indirect investments.

Initially, indirect investments will be in the majority, as it is not possible to buy properties directly if liquidity is too low.

According to Fincapital Partners the tokenized bond contact is guaranteed by French law. However, in Discord announcements, figures are given in Dollars, and say that there will be a 5% yield. So to calculate the real rate, we need to know the currency zone of the underlying assets.

Subscriptions are made in Euros. The 5% rate is calculated on the nominal amount deposited in euros. There is no currency adjustment to be made. The $ sign may have been used inadvertently. Fincapital Partners bears the full foreign exchange risk if investments are made in other currency zones.

What does it mean to have a financial service guaranteed by French law ? More specifically, French taxation depends on the source of income. So, if I receive income from real estate assets located in France, through a tokenized bond guaranteed by French law, do I risk being considered a French tax resident again by the authorities ? Would it be possible to clarify this ?

The guarantee offered by French law is intended to provide an additional guarantee that the promised income will actually be paid out, since the French regime is more protective of investors than some other foreign or offshore regimes.

This circumstance has no impact on taxation. The debtor is of Swedish origin. Your income is also Swedish. For tax purposes, interest and redemption premiums are debt income, not real estate income, even though the interest is generated via real estate underlyings.

In France, real estate income can be taxed at up to 62% for individuals.

Even for a French tax resident, subscribing to the bond means that he or she will receive income from movable capital of Swedish origin, even if the real estate is located in France.

The advantage of this instrument is precisely that it converts real estate income into income from movable assets, thus neutralizing the confiscatory real estate tax burden.

Is it still planned to provide access to Interactive Broker from the Fincapital Partners platform ?

The partnership with Interactive Broker is still in place, but in order to launch this service, we need to have a user base of 4,000/5,000 people, otherwise it won't be possible to set up this partnership.

Why should I go through Fincapital Partners to make a crypto exchange ?

There's no need to go through Fincapital Partners if the sole aim is to carry out crypto/crypto exchanges. This is not Fincapital Partners' vocation.

- Fincapital Partners is a private investment club that provides services derived from traditional finance.

Why has the bank account disappeared from the platform ?

There has never been a publicly available Fiat deposit account. This functionality is being developed progressively (see timetable).

What about the platform ?

For the time being, Fincapital Partners operates on a limited basis - you can buy cryptos with your bank card and receive them directly in your platform. You can also buy any item on the internet (Amazon, Fnac...) in crypto using Fincapital Partners. Once Fincapital Partners has obtained its segregated account, you'll be able to pay anyone by conventional bank transfer directly from your wallet.

Features will be delivered progressively in 4 stages :

1/ Buy cryptos with your bank card and receive them in your account. (Available now)

2/ Buy anything on the Internet in crypto (Amazon, Apple...) via your wallet (Available).

3/ Pay anyone by traditional bank transfer via your wallet (Rent, Vehicle)...
All the steps have been completed to offer this service, all that's left is to obtain a segregated account, which is a type of account enabling payments to be made on behalf of users - the service will be released as soon as this special account is obtained).

In the event of my death, can I give a family member access to all my accounts and benefits ?

Beneficiaries can inherit account benefits if they wish to continue using the account. In practice, they will need to recreate an account in their own name and notify their wish for the deceased's account benefits to continue in their name. Whether the deceased's assets can be transferred to the new account without being liquidated depends on the applicable inheritance law in your country of residence.

Is it possible to have a timeline showing the various stages of the project, past and future, so that you can situate yourself and appreciate the project's progress ?

June 2022 - Purchase of a Swiss company and start of procedures to obtain a financial intermediary license.
August 2022 - Creation of a Swedish company and start of procedures to obtain a fiduciary license.
November 2022 - Swedish trustee license obtained.
March/April 2023 - Final meeting with Swiss regulators and award of financial intermediary license.
May 2023 - Launch of crypto credit card purchase and decentralized crypto payment services on traditional ecommerce sites (Amazon...).
June 2023 - Launch of private club and fiduciary services.
June/July 2023 - Segregated account for decentralized crypto/fiat exchanges and traditional bank transfers from metamask account.
June/July 2023 - Segregated account obtained, enabling the launch of the Fincapital Partners debit card.
Summer 2023 - Development of Fincapital Partners private club.
Q4 2023 - Ecosystem complete - All the services announced for the Fincapital Partners private club are now operational.
2024 - Start-up of the elite Fincapital Partners club and development of advanced services.

How can I contact the Fincapital Partners team ?

1/ Via email :

2/ Via the discord server :

How can I join Fincapital Partners ?

1 ) Click on the "Sign Up" category and enter your e-mail address.
2 ) You will receive a connection link by e-mail. (Check your spam if necessary.)
3 ) Complete your "Investor" profile.
4 ) The Fincapital Partners team will contact you to proceed with the KYC.

How do I close my account ?

Contact Fincapital Partners by email :