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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fincapital Partners?

Fincapital Partners is a private investment platform.

The aim of the club is to provide high-end private investment services to its members.

Is Fincapital a Bank?

No, Fincapital Partners is not a bank but a Fintech that provides financial services.

What are Fincapital Partner's objectives?

Fincapital's aim is to offer investors a complete financial ecosystem to enable them to grow and diversify their wealth.

Fincapital Partners aims to cover all the needs that investors may have in terms of financial management of their assets.

How long has Fincapital Partner been in existence?

Fincapital Partner received its licence in April 2023.

Who are the people behind Fincapital Partner?

President : Adrien Brousse.

Operating Officer : Alexandre Rouillon.

Who is Fincapital Partners aimed at?

Fincapital is for anyone who wants to grow their capital.

You must be able to actively invest with Fincapital in order to register.

If your finances are too weak, we don't recommend you subscribe to Fincapital, as you won't make any profit.

Who can use Fincapital Partners?

Fincapital is an investment platform.

Anyone who has paid for access can use Fincapital.

We recommend that you are in a position to invest actively with Fincapital. If your finances are too weak, you should not join Fincapital.

Is Fincapital Partners regulated?

Fincapital Partner AG - 6 Rue Robert Ceard, 1204 Geneva Switzerland - Financial intermediary license. (CH-

Several partnerships have been established with financial institutions to offer our services.

Do I need to pass a KYC test to access the Fincapital Partners service?

A KYC (Know Your Customer) is mandatory to access the Fincapital Partners service.

Do I have to justify to Fincapital Partners the origin of the funds transferred?

Yes. European regulations require us to verify the origin of investor funds for all investment transactions.

How much does Fincapital Partners cost?

Fincapital access costs 2500 euros.

The products offered by Fincapital generate evolving fees which will be communicated to you before each use.

Is membership of the Fincapital Partners open to all?

Yes, membership are open to everyone. Anyone can join Fincapital Partners.

However, we recommend that you are able to invest at least 5,000 euros a year.

This is because Fincapital is an investment club. If you are not in a position to invest, there is no point in subscribing to the private club.

In the event of my death, can I give a family member access to all my accounts and benefits?

Beneficiaries can inherit account benefits if they wish to continue using the account. In practice, they will need to recreate an account in their own name and notify their wish for the deceased's account benefits to continue in their name. Whether the deceased's assets can be transferred to the new account without being liquidated depends on the applicable inheritance law in your country of residence.

How can I join Fincapital Partners?

1 ) Go to:
2 ) Click on the "Sign Up" category and enter your e-mail address.
3 ) You will receive a connection code by e-mail. (Check your spam if necessary.)